Beacon Technology for Railroads and Public Transport

IOT technology massively supports operations and services in the railroad  & public transport industry. The RailTAG Beacon from WavePointer is a fundamental part of this progress towards the "Internet of Mobility".


In Switzerland, we don't like half-measures. We love real things, like mountains, railroads or public transport. WavePointer therefore offers the railroad industry and public transport enterprise IOT technology as it should be. We have the best beacons (radio beacons) available for use in transportation and rail technology. Ready to revolutionize business units, efficiency and customer service. Connect your existing infrastructure into one great network. Directly with WavePointer's massive experience and no middleman.


RailTAG Products

The public transport as well as the railroad industry have high standards. WavePointer, as a Swiss MicroTech company, meets these requirements and offers internationally certified beacons and TAGs for innovative radio solutions. Our TailTAG products (over)offer all requirements which are demanded in the ship, bus, train and railroad industry. And what's more: our products are already used by thousands of public transport companies, rail manufacturers and rail operators every day. 

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We are Experts for Railroad and IOT

No matter which radio standard or IOT protocol is required. A RailTAG enables smooth communication based on all common requirements (Bluetooth, RFID, LoRa, BLE, Eddystone UID/EID, iBeacon, ALT Beacon, Ultrasound, VDV Internet Protocol based Integrated OnBoard Information System IBIS-IP etc).

Hybrid communication of several Methods simultaneously or alternately is also possible.

Individual formats and requirements can also be implemented.



Power & Connection:
Totally flexible

Whether the power supply is to be provided via battery or cable can be selected completely freely. The RailTAG supports common connection types such as M12 and M8 connectors. But individual requirements are also no problem.

Ultra Low Energy (ULE) technology ensures minimal power consumption, which also allows years of battery operation.

A data exchange can thus also be carried out via radio or cable connection. Or, with both at the same time.


Best References and Certification

RailTAG has been tested thousands of times in practical use on railroads - because nothing counts more than the proof to withstand daily requirements for years.

In addition, WavePointer develops and/or produces all devices largely in compliance with the following standards:

CE, Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (CE RED) RoHS, IEC, EN 50121-3-2, EN 55011, EN 61373, EN 60695, EN 61000-4-6, EN 45545, DIN EN 50155, EN 45545 (Hazard Level Class HL3), EMC, IPC, ISO, REACH, UL, DIN, NFPA, European Train Control System (ETCS), UN ECE R 118, UN ECE R 10


Ready for extreme Loads

Continuous stress in demanding environments is no problem for a RailTAG. We meet all requirements regarding protection against solids, liquids and fire in the railroad industry - certified, of course. For example, RailTAGs meet EN 45545-2 at the highest hazard level (HL3) and are permanently protected against liquids.




Efficient Housing, Assembly & Maintenance

Years of experience in the railroad environment have led to the development of special housing types that guarantee optimum and safe use. Uniform concepts ensure the fastest possible installation on rolling stock, on platforms and in buildings. Service and maintenance is usually uncomplicated via radio (over the air).

RailTAGs can be used flexibly in many railroad applications: Stations, platforms, traction vehicles, passenger cars, double-decker cars, sleeping cars, freight cars, and many more.



Sensor Technology? Integration?
No problem

The RailTAG can either contain integrated sensors or also control decentralized sensors/electronics. Thus, a RailTAG can be used in almost any situation and environment where data is to be collected or services are to be provided. A variety of collection methods are available for motion, sound, C02, humidity, temperature, brightness, vibration and many more. Individual requirements can be implemented.



Massive Safety and Suitability

Every RailTAG takes into account the latest security measures. "Privacy by Design" and "Privacy by Default" are standard, as well as hardware-based features that prevent unauthorized access to a device.

Maximum investment protection through extremely long life cycles and continuous service updates, which can usually be performed remotely/over-the-air.  



Setup & Control?
Completely flexible!

With the RailTAG Control App, beacons can be configured quickly, securely, flexibly and via radio (over-the-air , OTA). A variety of functions make setup as well as maintenance and evaluation of the devices very convenient.

To make it even easier, beacons can also be individually pre-configured (bulk-configuration) upon delivery. This further optimizes the time required to install the RailTAGs.