The RailTAG

The ultimate Beacon for all railroad applications

With RailTAG, almost all objects or spaces in the public transport and railroad environment can be digitally marked or identified. The marking of "rolling stock" (bus, train, ship, gondola, etc.) is just as easily possible as the marking of the track or station environment, stops or service areas. 


Through a RailTAG, it is possible to obtain specific information about relevant environments or objects at any time and from any location. This information can then be used to store, evaluate conditions or control a wide variety of processes.


The RailTAG offers high-tech in a very small space. This makes it possible to install a RailTAG in any environment: visible or invisible, indoors or outdoors.


Information can be transmitted via optimized Bluetooth technology (Ultra BLE), even over very long distances to a receiving device - even under difficult operating conditions. For this purpose, either standard protocols such as iBeacon and Eddystone, UID/EID, ALT Beacon or completely individual as well as combined protocols can be used.


WavePointer TAG can be purchased as a module or also in housing variants. The RailTAG meets all certifications for use in the railroad industry.


Technical Specifications

The RailTAG can be supplied in different variants.
The basic specifications are listed below.


Product Name

WavePointer RailTAG

Technical Name 

WP 4000-350RT Series


Railroad, train, freight train, long distance train, regional train, sleeping car, subway & commuter trains, rolling stock, station, track/track bed, Bus, coach, gondola, Tooth Council Tracks, ship, station surroundings, stops, buildings, service areas, workshops etc.

Dimension & Weight 

25*71*42 mm (H*W*D)
Approx. 90 gr - 150 gr Depending on battery type

Energy Options / Battery 

Button Cell / AA Size Battery / AAA Size Battery
Battery Life: 2-7+ Years
Operation Range: 2.0-3.3 V


Nordic NRF52x
Variable Memory

Radio, Protocols & Security

Bluetooth, BLE - More on Request (RFID, LoRA, UWB etc.)  
Radio Range: Up to 140 m
Protocol Options: Eddystone, UID/EID, iBeacon, ALT Beacon, Individual Formats & Hybrid Formats

Firmware & Security

Standard Firmware: Yes
Individual Firmware: Yes
Config from factory: Yes
Hardware Security: Yes, Magnetic Switch


PC Lexan945U
White / Black / more on Request
IP 40 / IP 65, Flame resistant, HL3
Water resistant for easy cleaning

Screws (4 top) OR Screws (4 bottom)
Wall mounting Option
Seal Options
Pressure compensation Option
Screwing, Gluing, etc


CE,  Radio Equipment Directive 2014/53/EU (CE RED),  IEC, EN 50121-3-2, EN 55011, EN 61373, EN 60695, EN 61000-4-6, EN 45545, DIN EN 50155, EN 45545 (Hazard class  R22 - HL3), EMC, IPC, ISO, REACH, UL, DIN, NFPA, UN ECE R 118, UN ECE R 10

Sensors & Interfaces 

A large number of sensors can be optionally integrated into the device. This then requires partial modifications of the housing in order to ensure the validity of the respective measured values. Details on request.

Product Identification

Product Sticker
Individual Sticker
Unique ID
QR Code
Individual Content


  • The TAG is ultra small and light: from 25*25*10 mm
  • Special antenna technology achieves ranges > 120 metres
  • TAG information can be collected over long distances by a receiver
  • Information can be transmitted in real time, e.g. to a cloud system, and retrieved worldwide
  • Extremely high signal strength even under difficult operating conditions
  • Very long battery life thanks to efficient energy management.
  • Battery can usually be replaced
  • Compatible with iBeacon and Eddystone standard. Individual firmware possible
  • The TAG can be called up as a module, in full encapsulation or in housing variants
  • Support of special protection classes against water, heat, dust, acid and for concrete etc. 
  • Encrypted firmware and data transmission  

Areas of application

  • Clean & Repair
  • Lost & Found
  • Limited mobility
  • Smart Mobility: Be In / Be Out
  • Customer service
  • Value-added services
  • Location based Conent
  • Occupancy and capacity management
  • Wagon order & direction of travel
  • Ticketmanagement
  • Object marking
  • Object tracking
  • Product identification (industry & POS)
  • Product information (Industry & POS)
  • Process and production control
  • Inventory management
  • Furniture management
  • Security technology
  • Business intelligence

Return on Investment

  • Inexpensive acquisition costs
  • Quick commissioning
  • Almost unlimited service life
  • Service costs in line with requirements
  • Updating the firmware 
  • Adequate guarantee schemes
  • Environmentally sound recycling